The Freemason’s Harlot
William Hogarth joined the Freemasons in the very same year the Grand Lodge introduced its Third Degree. He hid the signs, passwords, knocks and modes of recognition within his famous prints. These have not been seen for nearly 300 years.

In this, the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England, the most famous British artist exposes these secrets. He also hid himself within the prints, a curtain call.

Hogarth’s unique skill at hiding symbols was noticed by the Grand Lodge who, in commissioned him to ridicule a rival Fraternal organisation that was threatening. This group was not only a opponent to London Lodges, it was a national threat. Hogarth slandered this faction by exposing their circle as homosexuals. These salacious details have been clearly present within the most popular prints of all time.

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Jeremy Bell – 2012